Unlocked Phone

Unlocked Phone: Everything You Need to Know

You might not be an expert at handling the issues with your smartphone, and even the slightly advanced apps on it could be intimidating to you. But it is important that you learn more about the device so that you don’t find it difficult in case of emergencies. Unlocked phones cover an area that not many people are aware of. It would be best if you learned more about it to have a better understanding so that you can deal with situations where you end up having no access to your phone’s services. Some information regarding unlocking phones could be rather inundating in the initial sessions of learning. However, once you understand everything about the phone, including the basics, digesting these details wouldn’t be complex.

Unlocked Phones

Unlocked phones can be defined as those phones that can be used on any wireless network, and locked phones are the ones that can be used only on a single network. It means that you cannot use more than one SIM’s service in a locked phone, while you can choose a plan with a number of services on your unlocked phone. Manufacturers of the phone’s software put the lock on the device at the request of wireless carriers. These carriers use this lock as the key to restrict the use of the phone’s owner to no other network other than theirs. Any phone without this carrier-specific lock can be called an unlocked phone.


Unlocking phones can help increase the number of carriers you can use. By doing so, you can easily switch to another available wireless service provider when you are traveling. You can elude the roaming fees by using the services this way. Buying a SIM card from a local carrier will get you a local phone number that would charge you only the local rates for calls and messages. Long-term carrier contracts aren’t a feature of unlocked phones, meaning you can switch carriers when there is a need for it or you have ample opportunities to do so. By unlocking the phone, you can go for the connection with better rates or service whenever you want to. These factors make unlocked phones under higher demand than the locked ones. You could have the resale value of unlocked phones up to 30%, which is high compared to a locked unit.

Getting an Unlocked Phone

Sim unlock

You can either buy an unlocked phone directly from the phone stores or buy it from other users. Unlocking your current phone is also possible after you use it for more than 90 days with a particular carrier. Make sure that your phone doesn’t get unlocked at the end of your contract; special calls are to be made to request them for an unlock. Nothing about an unlocked phone would look different from a locked one. You can only identify if the phone is locked or not by popping in another SIM card from another carrier. An error message will welcome you on the phone if the phone is locked.


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